1Password Pro & 1Password:パスワード管理アプリ。「1700円→800円・800円→450円に値下げ」

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SHN Japan 1Password Pro & 1Password:パスワード管理アプリ。「1700円→800円・800円→450円に値下げ」

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iPad / iPhone / iPod touchアプリ『1Password Pro』・『1Password』が値下げされましたのでご紹介します。

記者も愛用しているパスワード管理アプリ、iPad対応(ハイブリッド)です。Mac版『1Password 3』で管理しているパスワードを同期することが可能。 icon

以下のスクリーンショット、YouTube動画、iTunes詳細は『1Password Pro』版となります。

iPhone スクリーンショット 5iPhone スクリーンショット 4iPhone スクリーンショット 1


iPhone スクリーンショット 31Password Pro is a special edition of the award-winning 1Password application with more than 1 million users worldwide.

Runs on iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch!

1Password will securely store your important information and can automatically log you into websites with a single tap. There’s no need to remember the username, password, or even the website address. With the ability to save and sync text notes, credit card numbers, and other sensitive information, everyone from Macworld to Apple itself loves 1Password!

••• Recommended in Apple’s “Apps for Getting Things Done” Guide •••
••• Winner of the First Annual AppAwards in Best Secret Keeping App category •••

“Keep it secret, keep it safe.”
— Apple’s Guide to Apps for Getting Things Done

“From the 50,000 or so downloadable apps that Apple offers for its iPhone and iPod touch, we choose ten that are worth the time and money.”
— Times’ Ten of the Best iPhone Apps (2nd Pick)

“Four out of five stars”
— iPhone Alley
iPhone スクリーンショット 2


• Includes user interface for both iPhone and iPad.
• Special easy switching mode allows you to quickly copy-and-paste usernames and passwords to Mobile Safari.
• Folders for better organization (in this version a desktop application required – sold separately)
• Features coming soon: Favorites, MobileMe/WebDAV syncing, and more.
• Securely store your website names and passwords so you never forget them again
• Save important information like credit cards and membership numbers
• Jot down other notes too sensitive for stickies or bar napkins
• Synchronize it all with 1Password for Mac via Wi-Fi (sold separately, available at http://1password.com)
• Automatically log into Web sites on iPhone and iPod touch to avoid remembering and typing usernames and passwords
• Hardware-accelerated AES encryption and Auto-Lock keep your data protected even if your iPhone is lost or stolen
• All cryptographic operations are performed using standard iPhone libraries to ensure there are no security gaps or backdoors
• Two-layer defense with Unlock Code and Master Password to combine security and convenience
• Data Backup & Restore option available on Mac, Windows and Linux.

Please visit http://agile.ws/products/iphone for more information.

Your feedback is always welcome. Please use “Settings > Send Feedback” to report any issues or send suggestions.

バージョン 3.1.1 の新機能

* Added Help > Contact Support option in iPad application settings.
* Added an option to clear field value when editing an entry on iPad.

* Improved auto-lock.
* Clear sync history will now remove all entries.

* Auto-locking now hides an active popover if there is any.
* Fixed a problem where sync cannot finish because of the auto-lock.
* Fixed a problem where updated items did not refresh during sync.
* Fixed crash when resetting the database.
* Fixed a problem where Backup and Restore screen was empty.
* Improved Restore from Backup.
* Other minor improvements and bug fixes.


iPad スクリーンショット 4iPad スクリーンショット 3iPad スクリーンショット 5iPad スクリーンショット 2iPad スクリーンショット 1




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検索ワードは「iPhone 1Password 使い方」あたりで何箇所かみれば見つかると思います。


この App は iPhone、iPad の両方に対応しています。
  • ¥800
  • カテゴリ: ユーティリティ
  • 更新: 2010/04/20
  • 現在のバージョン: 3.1.1
  • 4.2 MB
  • 言語: 英語
  • 販売業者 : Agile Web Solutions
4+ レート

条件: iPhone、iPod touch および iPad 互換 iPhone OS 3.0 以降が必要

Download(iTunes):1Password Pro




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